Snowflake Inc.

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Issued by DigiCert Verified Mark RSA4096 SHA256 2021 CA1

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This digital certificate with serial number 03:84:68:fd:95:6c:d1:0f:23:c3:b7:fc:e8:16:90:3e was issued on by DigiCert, Inc..

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Snowflake Inc.

Company registration number: 5185958
Organization: Snowflake Inc.
Address: 106 E Babcock Suite A
State / Province: Montana
Locality: Bozeman
Country: US

DigiCert, Inc.

Organization: DigiCert, Inc.
Country: US

This certificate will expire on

Certificate Details

Serial Number (hex): 03:84:68:fd:95:6c:d1:0f:23:c3:b7:fc:e8:16:90:3e
Serial Number (int): 4675196634250058454050930138044338238
Serial Number lenght: 122 bits, 16 octets

SubjectKeyId: 8a:5e:64:d9:27:6e:79:e9:01:a7:dd:45:aa:19:80:ee:5f:47:73:4b
AuthorityKeyId: be:9f:bd:8d:57:6d:95:b5:ad:63:c3:97:4e:ab:a8:84:5d:3a:07:f5

Fingerprint (sha1): a0:67:86:9b:ed:88:0e:c0:19:35:e3:0a:70:0e:cd:c2:5f:36:f4:3e
Fingerprint (sha256): 47:81:66:d1:17:68:80:6e:21:12:73:03:83:99:83:8b:81:29:d3:b6:02:a3:bf:4a:00:c3:24:d0:52:a0:32:89

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