Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin Zertifizierungsstelle

Issued by DFN-Verein PCA Global - G01

About this certificate

This digital certificate with serial number 17:af:f6:cb:68:bf:3e was issued on by DFN-Verein .

This certificate is currently not expired, we haven't checked the revocation status of this certificate but you can do this simply on If we have found any compliance issues with this certificate they will be shown below. I hope this certificate review is providing you the detailed information in a simple form you where looking for.

Cerificate errors/warnings *beta

  • ERROR: Certificate has key usage [CertSign] set
  • ERROR: Certificate has key usage [CRLSign] set

Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin

Organization: Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin
Organization unit: Informationstechnik
Locality: Berlin
Country: DE


Organization: DFN-Verein
Organization unit: DFN-PKI
Locality: Berlin
Country: DE

Time untill certificate expires

This certificate will expire on

Certificate Details

Serial Number (hex): 17:af:f6:cb:68:bf:3e
Serial Number (int): 6667398973800254
Serial Number lenght: 53 bits, 7 octets

SubjectKeyId: a5:3f:61:eb:46:21:5b:8b:94:23:2a:60:b0:ac:5d:1b:16:e6:5c:59
AuthorityKeyId: 49:b7:c6:cf:e8:3d:1f:7f:ea:44:7b:13:29:f7:f1:0a:70:3e:de:64

Fingerprint (sha1): 33:a7:de:ed:d4:d2:65:8d:07:59:77:e0:44:c0:02:a1:d0:19:37:e8
Fingerprint (sha256): b2:e7:cb:00:5f:d7:8b:e2:e5:e8:0d:64:a8:3c:a5:0f:1a:cc:2d:ac:f9:e6:7a:89:cb:5b:fd:1d:ab:3b:71:98

Issuing Certificate URL:
Issuing Certificate URL:

Revocation information

OCSP Server:
CRL Distribution Point:
CRL Distribution Point:

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Advanced Certificate Properties

Technical details about this certificate

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Signature Algorithm

SHA256 with RSA

Key Usage

Cert Sign
CRL Sign

Extended Key Usages


8 extensions
No unhandled critical extensions

CA Certificate

This is a CA certificate
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